Oil and Gas Industry

Cleaning, Decoating and Derusting with High Pressure Water Blasting

Refineries and offshore platforms for the extraction and further processing of crude oil and natural gas are subject to the most stringent standards for operational safety. Natural gas contains a lot of water. To transport gas via pipelines the gas needs to be dry for higher efficiency. To ensure a safe and, at the same time, effective operation, the plants for conveying, storage and transport must be regularly inspected, cared for, maintained and, if necessary, repaired. The external conditions here are often extreme. WOMA pumps operate with glycol injection, they are eco-friendly, highly efficient, easy to handle and safe.

The water blasting method, also known as water jetting is winning through increasingly as the only process to fulfill all these tasks using a single technology in the Oil and Gas industry. Various different surfaces and materials must be cleaned regularly in order to guarantee continuous work processes and safety during operation. For sieves and filter cleaning, the ability to function depends largely on the condition of their surfaces. Therefore, they must be constantly cleaned. Stubborn deposits often build up in heat exchangers. Clean surfaces are the basis of efficient production processes in heat exchanger cleaning. A quick and thorough cleaning of tanks is necessary in order to disrupt the production process as little as possible. Pipes have important functions across the industry. In order to fulfill these functions, their consistency must be ensured. For off-shore drilling rig cleaning and maintenance, differing materials must be cleaned, derusted, decoated and cut under the most extreme conditions and in the narrowest of spaces.

As the single suitable solution for all of these tasks, high-pressure water jetting is becoming more and more common. As a blasting and cutting tool, water is both safety-conscious as well as environmentally harmless. For this method, the proven WOMA plunger pumps, as well as a complete range of units and tools specifically developed for the highest of pressure, are available.

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