General Parts and Surface Cleaning

Efficient Parts and Surface Cleaning with High Pressure Water Blasting

Over time, parts can become built up with undesirable materials such as oils, plastics, grease, resin, mineral paints, and adhesive. In the industrial and construction settings keeping machines, materials, and containers clean is of the utmost importance to ensure continuous and safe operation. Using ultra high-pressure water in these instances provides an ideal solution.

High-pressure water blasting is safe for use on a variety of surfaces and materials. It’s also a very efficient process and environmentally sound as only pure water is used and impurities removed in the cleaning process can be filtered out and disposed of. Water blasting effortlessly removes paint, deposits, minerals, rust, burnt in materials, water-insoluble substances, and grime.

It even works on uneven surfaces that make cleaning by traditional methods very difficult and tedious. In addition, high pressure water cleaning is safe and significantly less physically demanding than traditional cleaning methods.

Water jet cleaning and water blasting does not generate any dust and also saves on procurement and disposal of jetting material. High work efficiency and at the same time a high level of safety for the operator are achieved with innovative water tools and accessories.

Ultra-high-pressure cleaning for different surfaces and materials:

  • General cleaning tasks such as the cleaning of machine parts, process engineering components, transport containers, valves, etc.
  • Cleaning technical surfaces and those surfaces affecting the process
  • Removal of coatings and paint layers on constructions and technical equipment
  • De-rusting of steel surfaces
  • Removal of burnt-in materials, e.g. due to high-process temperatures or from welding works


  • High-pressure water jetting can be used for the cleaning of various surfaces and materials
  • The smallest of cracks, corners, and any unevenness can be reached
  • No additional subsequent cleaning is required

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