Sieve and Filter Cleaning

Gentle removal and thorough cleaning with High-Pressure Water

High-pressure water jetting is used regularly for cleaning work on strainers, meshs and filters, as well as their baskets, trays, and nets. The ability of these components to function depends substantially on the condition of their surface and must be cleaned on a regular basis. This will ensure the full functionality of the filter and avoid downtimes of your machine or system.

High-pressure water jetting ensures an extremely gentle removal of dirt and deposits without damaging the filter and carrier materials – without any chemical or abrasive additives. This, in contrast to chemical cleaning, avoids the generation of gases, slags and vapours. Cleaning with high-pressure water is a particularly flexible and sustainable method with which deposits, caking, paint, coatings, encrustations, oxide layers, sludges and calcifications are reliably removed from strainers and filters.

Aquachem, Canada’s WOMA supplier of industrial high-pressure water equipment offers a wide range of water jetting systems, pumps, and accessories for the most varying geometrics and dirt from sieves and filters. By using the right tools very good cleaning results can be achieved even in difficult to access, narrow, or contaminated areas. Cleaning can often be done even during operation or upon fixed machines, without the need to dismantle the installation. Automated cleaning tools remove the need for manual, dirty and unhygienic work while promoting safe and continuous work.


  • Careful and reliable removal of dirt
  • Avoidance of cinders, gases, and steam
  • Reliable cleaning also in hard-to-reach areas
  • During operation or within fixed installations
  • Removal of encrustations and dirt from strainers and filters
  • Cleaning of plastic, long and round strainers
  • Cleaning of filter cloths, viscose filters, cartridge filters or wet felts
  • Descaling suction strainer rollers
  • Removal of dirt from dewatering filter presses
  • Removal of residues from trays

We offer compatible high-pressure units, pumps, and accessories for your application.