Cleaning and Maintenance Offshore

Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting Solutions for Offshore Drilling Platforms

The investment and functionality of expensive gas and oil drilling equipment can be ensured through continuous cleaning. In operation, drill pipes can regularly become partially or completely blocked and corroded due to aggressive mediums. Sulphate, salt and cinders are particularly problematic in this respect. The internal and external cleaning of dirty, corroded drill pipes with high pressure water jetting removes all deposits reliably, quickly and above all, economically.

Typical working procedures on offshore platforms are cleaning, de-coating and de-rusting as well as cutting and cutting off surfaces and materials of very different types and sizes. Work carried out on offshore platforms occurs under the most extreme conditions. Due to the rough environment, platforms must be cleaned, de-rusted and sanitized every day. WOMA provides high pressure water jet technology specifically for offshore use with crucial advantages.

WOMA water tools for water blasting applications are the optimum solution offshore cleaning and maintenance:

  • Cleaning and descaling vegetation for underwater inspections on welding seams and screw connections
  • Cleaning heat exchangers, pipes, and pipeline systems
  • Cleaning of drilling tools and pipes
  • Cleaning of helipads
  • Removing algae and deposits, paint and coatings from outside walls
  • Removing rust and coatings from ballast tanks and holds
  • Abrasive cutting in explosion hazard areas, cutting of steel, internal pipe systems, vessels, bulkheads, etc.
  • General cleaning of platforms of oils, greases, dust, rust and other dirt


  • It significantly reduces the amount of deposit. Compared to grit blasting, up to 98 percent less solid waste material needs to be considered. Hence customers save large amounts in disposal costs.
  • It considerably reduces the time required for cleanup because no grit needs to be collected and removed at the end of the job. Thus, customers save hundreds of hours of time and labor.
  • It is dust-free, allowing different trades, to work side by side. Moreover, dust-sensitive areas can be maintained while the waterjetting is carried out. Therefore, customers save expensive time in drydocks.
  • It generates very low impact forces on surfaces; working almost vibration-free. No substrate material will be removed. Hence a customer avoids damage on their structures.
  • It is used in rainy or windy environment. Hence the customers are not dependent on weather conditions and can readily schedule work with a high reliability.
  • It ensures excellent adhesion conditions between substrate and coating even if flash rust is present.
  • It exposes the original profile. In contrast, grit blasting reduces the original profile height due to particle impact. Thus customers offer an excellent surface profile to the painter giving a good mechanical bond between substrate and coating.

Our team can help you find a high-pressure system tailored to your operation.