Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Cleaning Heat Exchangers with Ultra High-Pressure Water

Heat exchangers are important to many industrial processes and industries where they’re used to regulate the temperature of processes. In most sectors heat exchangers are overwhelmingly used for cooling and maintaining the integrity of the heat exchangers is important to ensure optimal performance.

An unfortunate byproduct of the thermal exchange process is deposit buildup which reduces efficiency and can even block heat exchange. High-pressure water cleaning is a safe way to clean heat exchanger apparatus without the risk of damaging the fragile parts.

As in many applications of high-pressure water blasting, it’s possible to clean the heat exchanger even when located in cramped or inaccessible areas. High-pressure water blasting is able to remove all sorts of hardened compounds such as minerals, oil deposits, chemical residues, and carbonates.

It can also be used on all types of materials and surfaces without worrying about damaging coatings and protective layers. High-pressure water blasting to clean heat exchangers is also a more efficient way to clean large surface area heat exchangers (or those in complicated orientations that traditional cleaning methods struggle to clean).


  • Universally usable cleaning method for the internal and external cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Heat exchangers with particularly complex geometrics and particularly small pipes can be reliably cleaned

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