High Pressure Water Blasting for Industrial Cleaning


High pressure water blasting, also known as water jetting, is a process that uses a very high pressure pump to blast water through a nozzle and onto a working surface. Used in many processes from hydrodemolition of concrete to paint removal, one of its most useful applications is in industrial cleaning.

When used in this way a high pressure water blaster fires clear water onto the surface being cleaned. Dirt, lacquers, sediments and other impurities are dissolved on impact with the water and washed away. No chemical cleaners or solvents are required as the high pressure water is able to break the chemical bonds of dirt without chemical assistance.

The entire process is environmentally friendly and sustainable since the water used is collected and filtered. Somewhat paradoxically using a high pressure blaster for cleaning uses less water, upwards of 80% less, than traditional cleaning methods that would require soaking, dissolving and washing away of dirt. The process is fast and effective.

The operator doing the cleaning is even able to access hard to reach places that are dangerous and risky by traditional cleaning methods.

If all of these benefits aren’t enough then it bears mentioning that high pressure blasting for cleaning is also more cost effective than traditional cleaning methods! This is mainly due to the shorter cleaning time when using a high pressure blaster and the savings from not having to buy harsh chemical cleaners.


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We deliver high-pressure water jetting technologies for maintenance and ultra-high pressure cleaning as well as solutions for numerous industrial high-pressure applications. From conventional 10,000 PSI pressures to the combination of water and aggregate at more than 58,000 PSI, which is four times the water pressure at the deepest point in the oceans. Whether cleaning, removing material or cutting, WOMA’s innovative system solutions unify precision with high power and lower fuel consumption. Find the most fitting economical and efficient high-pressure system solution for your industry or application.

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