Water Blasting Tools & Accessories

No matter how complex your cleaning requirements may be, we believe we are better equipped than any other company to find the best solution. Whatever you want to remove with high-pressure water, you’ll find an accessory for it here. Aquachem has manual, automated, and semi-automated tools to handle your application. From cleaning a wide range of surfaces and materials to blocked tubes to abrasive cutting.

Like our pressure pumps and units, our high-pressure tools and accessories meet the highest quality and safety standards.

High-Pressure Water Guns

High-pressure guns, lances & extensions for all types of water blast cleaning applications ranging from 10,800 to 43500 psi.

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Hydro Blasting Nozzles
Nozzle Orbimaster500

Nozzles for all types of high-pressure water blast cleaning applications. We can help you find the right nozzle for your unique needs.

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Pipe & Tube Cleaning Equipment
pipe cleaning tubemaster

Lances, nozzles, fittings, and accessories for efficient and fast cleaning of pipes and tubes.

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Surface Preparation Equipment
Eco Top Rotating Cleaner

Peruse our selection of water jet tools for cleaning and removing various surface structures.

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Tank Cleaning Equipment
tank cleaning

Equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of storage tanks, reactor tanks, and vessels.

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Pipe Cutting System
pipe cutter

Pipes of all wall thicknesses can be cut, round cuts, as well as linear cuts, can be done effortlessly.

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