High Pressure Plunger Pumps

Aquachem’s line of high-pressure plunger pumps is built by WOMA, a world-class supplier of high-pressure water blasting equipment, known for their exceptional build quality, excellent workmanship, and dependable components. We’ve got a pump for every high-pressure application.

Even the most demanding jobs with pumps capable of 819 l/min and pressures up to 43,500 PSI. All of our high-pressure plunger pumps are durable and ensure long service life and low maintenance costs. All gearboxes of WOMA pumps have an internal oil cooling system. Additionally, all WOMA pumps are certified according to Atex.

Our engineering staff is happy to help find a solution for your project and select the best high-pressure pump for your unique situation. For more information on a specific model, get in contact with us!

M-Pumps Series

The M-pump series made up of 7 different and unique ultra-high-pressure pumps. The pumps of this WOMA series are ideal for separating, disassembling, stripping, and derusting with high-pressure water.

29,000 – 43,500 PSI (2,000 – 3,000 BAR)

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Z-Pump Series

The Z-pump series made up of 7 different pump types. With a high number of pressure and volumetric flow rate combinations, the pumps are preferably used in industrial cleaning, paint stripping, and also in descaling.

21,700 PSI (1,500 BAR)

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Y-Pump Series

The ultra-high-pressure plunger Y-pump series is made up of 2 pump types. Due to their small dimensions and low weight they can be easily installed in compact devices and on small base frames.

14,500 PSI (1,000 BAR)

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2-Pump Series

The high-pressure pumps of the 2-series are comprised of 5 types. This series of pumps are ideal for cleaning pipes and tube bundles, containers, and containers.

9,400 – 10,800 PSI (650 – 750 BAR)

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3-Pump Series

The high-pressure pumps of the 3-series are made up of 4 types of plungers. This series of pumps are the preferred choice in channel and tube cleaning applications.

2,100 – 3,600 PSI (150 – 250 BAR)

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ARP-Pump Series

The ARP (Abrasive Resistant Pump) series was developed especially for the conveyance of water contaminated with grainy or fibrous solids. Available in 6 pump variations.

4,600 – 5,800 PSI (320 – 400 BAR)

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