Aquachem Corporation was founded in Canada in 1978. Our Corporate objective is to supply a complete range of high-pressure water cleaning equipment to industrial and commercial customers. We supply equipment up to large installations with pumps capable of 250 GPM and pressures up to 40,000 PSI.



We offer a wide range of equipment, from small portable units to complex centralized systems. All operate with pressurized water, but offer significant variety with respect to pressure, & flow.

We know that our customers insist on reliable equipment to succeed in their business. Our steadily increasing client list reflects consistent growth: there are, we feel, good reasons for our success.

Each assignment is evaluated by our own engineering staff that reviews every project from a problem-solving point of view. We know that no two sets of needs are the same – even in identical businesses. So we work closely with your people to identify and understand your requirements. This way, we assemble the one system that best suits the job.

Cost efficiency. Our analytical approach to problem-solving helps minimize your ongoing labor costs. By recommending only high-quality equipment, downtime is minimized.

In short, no matter how complex your cleaning requirements may be, we believe we are better equipped than any other company to find the best solution.



In recent years, industrial and commercial cleaning systems have become more sophisticated and complex; technology has advanced tremendously. This in itself is a good reason for dealing with experts. We keep in touch with the latest developments the world over. Selecting the system best suited for the job will often bring about direct and immediate cost reductions. Benefits frequently include:

  1. Reduced labor costs.
  2. Increased productivity for people and equipment.
  3. A healthier workplace, one that meets today’s more stringent environmental requirements.
  4. The ability to clean areas that were previously inaccessible.
  5. Greater efficiency over existing cleaning equipment.



First step is for a company representative to visit your premises and talk over your requirements. Next our planning group reviews the list of objectives to determine the most suitable system. We prepare a specific recommendation, giving details of the system, the cost and the anticipated benefits. Once your new equipment has been installed we provide training programs to demonstrate how the equipment should be operated and maintained.


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Industry Solutions

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