High Pressure Water Jetting Systems

Water jetting pumps are only as effective as the components they are paired with. Aquachem’s ultra-high-pressure water jetting systems cover the requirements for any application and horsepower requirements. WOMA’s state-of-the-art high-performance machines are configured to meet the respective requirements – our experts will find the right solution for your task.

Diesel Units
diesel unit water jetting system

Characterized by their precision, high performance, and sturdiness, Aquachem’s diesel units are adaptable to any application and even the toughest jobs. Made up of 12 models ranging from the EcoMaster D 400M, a mobile unit, to the EcoMaster D 2502 Classic, which is stationary, the diesel range of motors are powerful and economical too. Available in a variety of maximum output pressures and maximum flow rates we’re able to offer a solution to every industrial job and application.

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Electrical Units
electric unit watterjetting system

Aquachem’s electrical unit, the EcoMaster E 70Y Classic, operates emission-free and is much quieter than our gas-powered units. This makes it an ideal choice for use in residential areas and environments with the potential for explosive reaction with combustion units. The EcoMaster E 70Y Classic operates at a max pressure of 14,500 PSI and with a maximum flow rate of 17 L/min. Our customers use the EcoMaster for all sorts of general cleaning tasks, ship hull cleaning, conveyor cleaning, and paint stripping. Aquachem is able to build additional units, beyond the EcoMaster E 70Y, call us to find out more!

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Hot Water Units
hot water unit waterjetting system

The hot water units in the Aquachem line are unique in that they clean using hot water which is much more effective as a solvent than colder water. This means lower pressures and less water to complete the same cleaning tasks. That’s good for the environment! There are 2 units in the hot water range, the EcoTherm 600 and the EcoTherm 800, differentiated by their output pressures of 8,700 PSI and 11,600 PSI respectively. Both are compact and light and can be delivered to the job site with any mid-size car via single-axle trailer. The hot water units are also very fuel economical and have a long service life. Aquachem is able to customize these units to fit any industrial job.

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Custom Systems
custom until waterjetting system

In addition to our standard units, Aquachem also designs and builds custom units to fit any of our customer’s unique needs. These can be mobile or stationary and with your choice of motor (gas or electric) to ensure the right fit to any difficult industrial job. The magic is in WOMA’s design which is essentially modular to allow simple stationary units, skid units for example, or mobile in trailers or flats. There’s even an option for sound isolation to cut down on the noise pollution often associated with high power water blasting.

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