Industrial Pipe & Tube Cleaning

Cleaning Deposits and Blocked Pipes with High-Pressure Water

The unhindered, free-flowing operation of pipes, the lifeblood of factories and facilities in every sector and all over the world is of paramount importance. Any interruption or blockage leads to a decrease in productivity, at the very least, or a catastrophic failure in extreme circumstances.

For this reason, cleaning pipes regularly and ensuring their optimal operation is a sound investment. In many industries, regular inspections are required by law. Using high-pressure water blasting to clean pipes is a smart, efficient, and economical way to keep your pipes flowing.

Water blasting can be used in all types of pipes, from fluids to vacuums and everything in between, safely and effectively. Cleaning and blockage removal can even be achieved in situations where traditional mechanical tools are forbidden or in which access to the pipes is difficult. High-pressure water blasting is also safe for the integrity of the pipes themselves as the water pressure can be tuned to ensure debris is removed without damaging the pipe material. This isn’t possible with hammers or chisels.

Aquachem WOMA’s Canadian supplier offers high-pressure pumps, units, lances, nozzles, fittings, and accessories to clean pipes of all widths.


  • For diameters small or large, pipes with differing widths can be freed from dirt and deposits
  • The cleaning of pipes is feasible, even in hard-to-access areas
  • Water jetting causes no damages to the inner walls of the pipes


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