Surface Preparation

Cleaning and Roughening of Surfaces with High Pressure Water Blasting

Ultra-High-pressure water jetting is recommended, and even specified in some cases, in almost all relevant construction regulations and guidelines as a surface preparation method. Removing paint, mortar, and coatings with grit blasting requires containment and/or clean-up, and those costs can have a significant impact on profitability. For construction companies and service contractors doing environmental remediation – removing asbestos or lead paint, for example – the containment issue is even more critical.

WOMA ultra-high pressure water jetting system needs no containment or clean-up, works quickly and thoroughly – without harming the surface profile – and leaves a clean, dry surface that’s ready for recoating. It is simply the most productive, economical way to achieve the surface you need for good coating adhesion, while fully respecting the environment.

WOMA water tools for water blasting applications are the optimum solution in the construction industry:

  • Surface cleaning of concrete, natural stone, brick, and metal.
  • Cleaning of façades and buildings
  • Removal of soot, dust, and dirt.
  • Removal of coating is and paint from surfaces, plants, and components.
  • Derusting of steel surfaces and reinforcing bars.
  • Roughening of concrete surfaces for the production of rough surfaces with sufficient adhesion for coatings, installation, and the application of paint.
  • Removal of paint, mortar, coatings, and loose paint layers before new material is applied.


  • High removal rates
  • Very environmentally-friendly
  • Eliminates the cost, hazards, and clean-up of grit
  • Effective on metal or concrete
  • Dust-free, drastically reduces airborne pollutants, won’t damage nearby equipment
  • Pressure and flow are adjustable to adapt power/impact to the surface
  • Optional hot water solutions for thermo elastically coatings
  • Different fast exchangeable tools, nozzle, and accessories for each task and challenge
  • Requires minimal training

Find out why so many surface preparation contractors are switching to water jetting solutions.