Steel Industry

Descaling, Cooling and Cleaning with High Pressure Water Blasting

The steel industry encompasses a large number of very different processes, from the smelting of the raw materials to the rolling and shaping of the finished product. In the modern economic climate, it is essential that the equipment used in these processes is as reliable and efficient as possible.

WOMA high-pressure pumpsĀ andĀ pump units are used as press drives for water hydraulic forging and extrusion presses, saw blade cooling, and in descaling systems. In the cleaning of casting moulds nowadays, WOMAs innovative high-pressure water jetting technologies largely replaced the established cleaning methods.

So, when it comes to high-pressure pumping systems, which are used in various stages of production, the choice of supplier can have a significant impact on productivity and the overall quality of the final commodity. Aquachem has been the reliable partner of the steel industry for over 40 years and supplies high-pressure pumps, units, lances, nozzles, fittings, and accessories perfectly adapted to the required applications.

Learn more about how high-pressure water can help you do a variety of steel industry jobs more productively.