Maritime & Marine Industry

High-Pressure Water Solutions for Cleaning and Maintenance Underwater

Our experience in high-pressure industry has enabled us to create high-pressure water solutions for our clients with WOMA’s range of water systems, pumps and accessories, suitable for numerous applications in the maritime and marine industry. Aquachem supplies complete packages to end-users and distributors, as well as bare shaft pumps and parts to OEM’s.

High-pressure waterjet technology has now been employed for decades in simple ship cleaning tasks. Today, due to environmental and economical consideration, it is an important tool for ship surface preparation work, underwater hull and propeller cleaning of ships, cleaning and maintenance of offshore drilling platforms as well as net cleaning for aqua farming operations.

WOMA’s high-pressure technology offers ultra-high-pressure waterjets with operating pressures up to 43,500 PSI and extremely reliable pumps systems that can be easily integrated with many existing net cleaning head systems. With these high pressures, offshore and underwater high-pressure water cleaning is well accepted by the maritime and marine industries in Canada and all over the world.

Need high-pressure for your application? We have the suitable high-pressure system.