Energy Industry

Professional Cleaning, Maintenance and Decontamination with High Pressure Water Blasting

The cleaning tasks in the energy industry cover a wide and demanding field of challenges. Enormous sums are quickly at stake in the cleaning tasks because of the plant sizes and their special operating conditions. Our high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure technologies and water jetting equipment make an important contribution to efficiency, sustainability, and environmental protection.

WOMA ultra-high-pressure water systems and water jetting pumps are used for the removal of deep-seated surface contamination, for targeted coating removal, thorough cleaning of plants and components as well as repair in all areas of the energy industry. High-pressure water cold-cutting tools, as the Eco Top Cutter, are employed as semi-automatic or fully automatic system. For cutting steel, concrete or composite materials. Many of our products and solutions are also available as automatic, remotely controlled systems for extremely inaccessible or “hot” radioactive zones.

Learn more about how cleaning with high-pressure water can help you do a variety of energy industry jobs more efficiently.