Hydromechanical Descaling

Effective and Economical Descaling with High-Pressure Water

The effective removal of scale in the hot rolling of steel is of decisive importance for the material quality. Hydromechanical descaling is proven to be the most effective form for removing scale of the surface. With WOMA high-pressure pump systems, slabs and billets in rolling mills can be efficiently descaled hydromechanically.

In the hydromechanical descaling, cooling, break and evaporation effects interact and are mutually reinforcing. The scale layer is broken up by the high-pressure water jet, the scale shrinks due to the spontaneous cooling, the sudden evaporation of the water has the effect of countless small explosions and blasts off the scale which is then washed away by the remaining water. Compared with the mechanical treatment, the descaling with water is by far the more effective and more economical method.

The optimum solution in each case depends on numerous factors. Various pressures and flow rates are employed, depending on steel quality, process speed and size. Operating pressures of the hydromechanical descaling unit from 1160 to 6500 PSI are usual. Special descaling jets mounted on nozzle bars are used in the descaling to blast the scale from steel surface.

WOMA high-pressure plunger pumps are predestined for producing the high pressure for the high flowrates required. Aquachem, WOMA’s Canadian supplier offers the best high-pressure water pumps and systems for hydromechanical descaling applications.

• Plunger pump with extreme high efficiency compared to centrifugal pumps
• Easy to switch on and off
• Bypass valve, suction valve lifting device and speed control via frequency converter
• Exact pressure adjustment
• Less energy consumption during pressure off period
• Extreme long running time
• Pressure upgrade if new steel materials need higher pressure due to harder scale
• Higher ROI the plunger pump will beat the centrifugal pump by less energy consumption


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