Safe and controlled removal of decontamination with High-Pressure Water

Nuclear decontamination involves removing the radiation-contaminated particles from components to reduce the level of radiation and minimizing the potential for radiation to seep into the atmosphere. It reduces the contamination of components and lowers the volume or classification of the rate of nuclear waste.

With ultra-high-pressure water jetting, the operator or even a robot works inside the watertight cell during the decontamination process. The water jet is created by a heavy-duty ultra-high-pressure system of up to 43,500 PSI pressure with the option of fully automatic or robotized systems.

High-pressure water jetting enables an extremely careful and controlled removal of paints, coatings from sheet steel, structural steel, pipes, and tenacious deposits without damaging the underlying surface. Neither gases, chemical, or abrasive additives are used in the application, which means that the quantity of material to be disposed of is reduced to a minimum.


  • Thorough, comprehensive decontamination and cleaning technique
  • Reduces downtime and substantially improves safety performance

How it’s used

  • Decontamination of nuclear plants and components
  • Removal of coatings containing heavy metals
  • Removal of fiber-reinforced coatings and claddings
  • Cleaning of oily and soot-covered concrete and masonry
  • Removal of layers in buildings and facilities containing PCB
  • Washing chemically contaminated soils and sludges
  • Removal of layers containing PAK and other health-hazard materials

We offer compatible high-pressure units, pumps, and accessories for your decontamination application.