Construction Industry

Cleaning and Restoration with High Pressure Water Blasting

Water jet technology is used successfully in many areas of construction engineering including building, tunnel, damn, bridge, sewerage system, road and waterway construction as well as in construction repair, renovation, demolition and in recycling. A wide range of concrete applications in surface preparation, cleaning and in concrete repair are of much importance.

High-pressure water jets are commercially superior to any other method by the use of selective material removal and the minimizing or elimination of residual materials subject to disposal regulations. Employing water blasting for concrete restoration, surface preparation, cleaning, hydro demolition, concrete rehabilitation and repair is a much cheaper alternative to replacing the concrete completely. Find out why a growing number of construction companies, construction service companies and ancillary building trades rely on WOMA high-pressure pumps and ultra-high-pressure water jetting units.

Learn more about how high-pressure water can help you do a variety of concrete jobs more productively.