Cleaning of Aquaculture Infrastructure

Effective Marine Fouling Cleaning with High-Pressure Water

Aquaculture also knows as fish farming is breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. Marine fouling leads to reduced waterflow through the pens and reduced oxygen levels. It also causes the pen/net to become heavier, which leads to stress and in the worst-case scenario breakdown of the pen construction. Routine cleaning will prevent damages and reduce the risk of disease and adverse conditions in the biomass.

Cleaners of on-site and onshore fish farming infrastructure require reliable, effective high-pressure water jet cleaning systems to remove algae, waste mater and other organic growth that restrict water quality, affecting fish health, growth and harvest yield.

We offer a variety of high-pressure systems, pumps and accessories that can be used in multiple cleaning applications on different types of equipment used in aquaculture, such as; cage rings, cage nets, flat and curving surfaces like feeding barges and boats. Our systems can be easily integrated with many existing net cleaning head systems that clean through the use of high-pressure water.

British Columbia-based net cleaner Brunswick Jetters relies on WOMA High-Pressure diesel driven 250ARP Plunger Pump to power their teslaH20 patented net cleaning system


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