Pipe Cutting System

Cold cutting with help from abrasives at 29,000 – 43,500 psi (2000 –3000 bar) pressure is the most versatile and economical solution. Pipes of all wall thicknesses can be cut. This procedure is spark-free and can also be used on areas at risk of explosion.


With the Eco Top Cutter 3000 a wide variety of materials with different thicknesses can be cut. The system is available for round or linear cuts, as needed. Round cuts, as well as linear cuts, can be done effortlessly. Depending on the type of material to be machined (e.g. concrete or steel) and the required cutting depth, the system is offered with two different speeds, slow and fast. The cutting carriage with the attached cutting head is driven by an air motor and follows a guide chain in the case of round cutting and a guide rail in the case of linear cutting. The water is fed to the cutting head under high pressure via the nozzle tube and produces a vacuum in the vortex chamber of the cutting head, which sucks the abrasive material and admixes the high-pressure water (injector principle).

Operating Pressure: 43,500 psi (3,000 bar)