High Pressure Plunger Pumps


High Pressure Pumps

Aquachem’s line of high pressure plunger pumps are built by WOMA, world class supplier of high pressure pumps and equipment, known for their exceptional build quality, excellent workmanship and dependable components. We’ve got a pump for every high pressure application.

Even the most demanding jobs with pumps capable of 250 GPM and pressures up to 58, 000 PSI! All of our pumps are durable and ensure long service life and low maintenance costs. Our engineering staff are happy to help you problem solve your project and select the best high pressure pump for your unique situation.


C-pump Series

Developed to be the ultimate plunger pump for water jetting in a cutting application, the ultra high pressure pump of the C-series provides the top pressure output in the Aquachem collection at 58, 000 PSI.

In addition to being the top pump for applications that require cutting, the ingenious design of the C-series means this pump has high volumetric efficiencies even at very high pressures so water isn’t being wasted.

Take into account the very long service life of the unit, low maintenance costs, because of the quality build construction, resistance to thermal shocks and superb seal durability and it’s not hard to see why the C-pump series is a top performer.


M-pump series

The M-pump series, made up of 8 different and unique ultra high pressure pumps, were designed to be the best tools for jobs requiring stripping, derusting, separating and disassembling using high pressure water blasting.

Capable of reaching working pressures of 43, 500 PSI, the range differs only in the max flow rate required for any particular tasks (between 9.8 L/min for the Type 70M and 218 L/min for the Type 1000M).

Like the C-pump series, the M-pumps are very well built, resistant to thermal shock and very durable. A feature unique to the M-pump series of pumps is the second shaft end which effectively allows a second pump to connect to the system. This means performance can be doubled if two of the same pumps are connected and used in tandem.


Y-pump series

The Y-pump series were designed with optimal portability in mind. They’re the most compact and lightweight high pressure pumps in the Aquachem catalogue.

They’re also very well suited to installation on very small base frames. Reaching operating pressures of 14, 500 PSI the Y-pump series is well suited for cleaning work, such as you’d find in the oil and gas industries and in ship hull cleaning.

A unique option for the Y-pump series is installation of suction valve lifts to allow water circulation even when the tool isn’t actuated. If durability and resistance to thermal shock is required, as is available in the C-pump and M-pump series, installation of coated steel plungers is an option available to this series.

Alternatively, if resistance to acids and alkaline solutions is required, Aquachem can provide ceramic plungers for the Y-series. The Y-pump series is made up of 2 pumps, both operating at 14, 500 PSI, ranging between 16.7 L/min and 40 L/min.


Z-pump series

The Z-pump series, made up of 8 different pumps types, operate at pressures up to 21, 750 PSI. The Z-series are the top choice for industrial cleaning jobs, descaling and paint stripping.

Like the M-pump series, the Z-pump series has a second shaft end to allow a second pump to be connected to the system to double the pressure and performance.

From the Type 190Z, rated at 112 L/min, to the Type 1000Z, rated at 744 L/min, the Z-pump series ensures a range of flow rates for all cleaning jobs and ensures a perfect fit to the unique challenges of your project.


2-pump series

With operating pressures up to 10, 800 PSI and volumetric flow rates up to 224 L/min the 2-pump series are the ideal choice for cleaning pipes, tupes and containers.

Modular modifications, as are available in the Y-pump series, allows for fine tuning of the 2-pump series to jobs that require resistance to thermal shocks or performance in acidic/alkaline environments. Due to the thoughtful construction of the 2-pump series, which contain fewer wearing parts than other pumps, maintenance of the pumps is very easy and inexpensive.

The 2-pump series also allows the installation of a second pump, through the special second shaft found on a few other Aquachem pumps, to effectively double the performance if required.

The consummate option when considering performance at the best price, the 2-pump series of pumps keep going even in the most demanding environments. This series of pumps is comprised of 5 types ranging between 171 L/min for the Type 1002, up to 224 L/min in the Type 2502 pump.


3-pump series

The 3-pump series, made up of 4 types of plungers with maximum operating pressures of 3, 600 PSI, are the top choice for channel, tube cleaning and sewer scrubbing.

Available in super corrosion resistant stainless steel, and durable cast iron, the 3-pump series of ultra high pressure pumps are built for tough environments. Like the 2-pump series, the 3-pump series is low maintenance, cost effective, resistant to temperature shock and able to handle the addition of a second pump to double the performance for heavy duty cleanup jobs.

This range of pumps is available in max flow rates between 257 L/min, as in the Type 1003 pump, up to 402 L/min in the Type 1503 pump.


ARP-pump series

The Abrasive Resistant Pump, affectionately known as the ARP-pump series, was developed specifically for the transmission of contaminated water containing grainy or fibrous solids up to a concentration of 3000 mg/L.

Delivering water pressures up to 5, 800 PSI the ARP-pump series is perfect for cleaning sewers, pipes and also steel industry descaling. The unique design of the ARP-series pumps allows for easy disassembly of the valves and pump head for quick maintenance and cleaning.

Available in 7 pump variations, from the 392 L/min Type 190 to the 1679 L/min Type 1000, the ARP-pump series is able to go where lesser pumps can’t and get even the toughest cleaning jobs done with minimal maintenance and top grade efficiency.