High Pressure Water Jet Nozzles

High Pressure Water Jet Nozzles

Every job requires the right tool to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We’re all familiar with the age old adage. Aquachem’s adage is that industrial jobs, such as ship hull cleaning, sewer blasting and concrete hydrodemolition, require the right high pressure water jet nozzles (affixed to the right high pressure water pump!).

Aquachem is the Canadian supplier of WOMA’s world-class high pressure water jet nozzles and we’ve got the right nozzle for your unique needs. Peruse our selection of water jet nozzles that are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high durability and trusted reliability.


Abrasive blaster 1000-9/16

Built on the injector principle, the Abrasive blaster (also known as the Abrasivstrahlen), is the tool of choice for the toughest cleaning jobs. Successfully used for general cleaning, ship hull paint removal and cleaning and surface preparation; the mixture of abrasive compound and ultra high pressure water blasts through even the most stubborn elements.

The magic of the Abrasive blaster is the nozzle’s construction that fires high pressure water out of three nozzles which, when combined with an abrasive, grinds away even deeply corroded surfaces. The Abrasive blaster operates at pressures up to 14,500 PSI with a max flow rate of 21 L/min.


Speedy 3000

The Speedy 3000 is a high pressure water gun able to operate at maximum pressure up to 43,500 PSI and with a maximum flow rate of 25 L/min. This makes the Speedy 3000 optimal for a wide variety of applications such as general cleaning, concrete restoration and hydrodemolition, ship hull paint removal, ship hull cleaning, screen cleaning and cleaning of formworks.

A truely flexible nozzle, the Speedy 3000 works by a pneumatically driven rotary transmission with a compressed air motor. This makes the Speedy 3000 compatible with all Aquachem high pressure water guns.


TD 3000-SCS

The rotating nozzle carrier head on the Turbo nozzle TD 3000 makes it a great choice for surface cleaning and pipe cleaning. Like the Speedy 3000, the Turbo nozzle operates at a maximum pressure of 43,500 PSI but with a higher maximum flow rate of 45 L/min.

This additional volume of high pressure water gives the Turbo nozzle superb removal power for tough cleaning jobs. A great example would be the challenging environment on offshore installations. Cleaning and maintenance becomes much easier and economical when using the Turbo nozzle TD 3000!


Orbimaster 500

Created to be optimal for a variety of industrial cleaning applications, the Rotary nozzle Orbimaster 500 combines the effectiveness of high pressure water blasting with the area performance of a flat jet.

Operating at a maximum pressure of 7250 PSI and a maximum flow volume of 60 L/min, the Orbimaster 500 can handle water temperatures up to 100 C. 


Orbimaster 800

A step up from the Orbimaster 500, the Orbimaster 800 increases the operating pressure to 11,600 PSI with a flow rate of 43 L/min. It handles the higher pressure while still providing the excellent cleaning ability of the Orbimaster line and high temperature cleaning capabilities as well.

Orbimaster 1500

The Orbimaster 1500, capable of cleaning with maximum operating pressures of almost 22,000 PSI and maximum flow volume of 180 L/min, is an excellent choice for tough cleaning applications like tank cleaning or corrosion removal.

As is common to the Orbimaster line, the Orbimaster 1500 can handle water temperatures up to 100C and is compatible with the standard 9/16” nozzle pipe of Aquachem guns. All without an adapter!


Orbimaster 2500

The big brother of the Orbimaster line is the Orbimaster 2500. Capable of water blasting with operating pressures up to 36,300 PSI, and with a maximum flow volume of 24 L/min, we’re sure you’ll have no issue handling the myriad cleaning jobs found on construction sites, ship yards or industrial operations.

The Orbimaster 2500 is exceptional when paired with high temperature water to optimize the solubility and cleaning effectiveness of the water jet.