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CPH-Circular Power Head

Latest State of the Art for Hydrodemolition

Circular Power HeadApproved and reliable systems during decades.
Computer controlled and selective removal of concrete from circular pillars and curved surfaces.

The lance is adjusted to a desired angle and locked in place.

The roller will travel a pre-set distance to one side of the pillar and be returned to the other side by the robot control system.

When the required depth is reached the CPH will move either upwards or downwards depending on the pre-set direction of travel.

Circular Power HeadThe System Advantages

  • No vibrations
  • No rebar damage
  • Will clean between the rebars
  • Faster than mechanical removal methods
  • Selective removal system
  • Minimizes removal of good concrete
  • No additional structure damage
  • No micro or macro cracks
  • No dust pollution
  • Helps to prevent injury to operator caused by vibration or heavy lifting
  • Will clean the rebars
  • Superior bonding surface
  • Substantial labor-savings

The Design Advantages

  • The Circular Power Head consist of a two piece 360° geared track which wraps around the pillar.
  • The 360° systems will accommodate pillars from 700 to 1200 mm in diameter. For pillars larger then 1200 mm by request.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Oscillating lance system.
  • Will fit all Aqua Cutter HVE/HVD robots and also older models with vertical operation feature.
  • Efficient cutting head with oscillating lance.
  • Versatile and compact design.
  • Additional operating diameters on request.

Technical Data

Circular Power Head

The CPH is attached to the Aqua Cutter with its center displaced from that of the turn plate.
This allows the CPH to reach the top of the pillars before the tower hoist reaches the underside of the bridge, or the ceiling of an enclosure such as a parking garage or factory.

When the CPH is rotated 180° it is possible to cut below grade. The offset distance can be extended for deeper below grade requirements.

1500 bar high pressure lance with nozzle holder for ceramic insert and wire hose restraint.

Art. No.    Denomination
001.152     Power Head for columns D=700-1200 mm (Robot chassis # required
001.151     Additional ring for other diameter columns