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Rotolance 2500

Latest State of the Art for Hydrodemolition

Rotolans 2500

The traverse and working width of the Rotolance 2500 are guided in the power head of the Aqua Cutter from the aboard PLC system. All parameters, controlling speeds and traverse movements are gradually adjustable from the control panel on the robotic unit for maximum utilising of the tool.


The Rotolance 2500 is the UHP tool for cleaning and light preparation of concrete surfaces, paint removal from steel and concrete, plastic and rubber removal, rust removal from steel and other industrial applications require robotic high pressure tool.

Rotolans 2500

The Rotolance 2500 will replace the standard lance-roller in the power head, when UHP cleaning and surface preparation are required.

The System Advantages

No injury to the operator caused by hand held manually equipment
Substantial labour savings
Faster than manual methods
Same performance 24 hours/day
No dust pollution
No vibrations
Will clean on almost any surface

The Design Advantages

Gradually adjusting of the rotation speed
Heavy duty swivel joint
Replaceable wear shield to protect the rotor
Will fit all Aqua Cutter robotic equipment
Full working width in the power head
Fully computer controlled movements
Will operate with 2 or 4 nozzles
Custom designed nozzle heads on request

Typical Applications

Concrete preparation on roads, bridges, airports, harbours, sewerage- pipes and treatment plants, water reservoirs, dams etc.
Paint, rust and growings removal from ship hulls, storage tanks, concrete constructions and buildings.
Plastic and rubber removal from steel and concrete.
Industrial service in the petrochemical industry.
Other cleaning and preparation tasks asking for high performance and qualitative results.

Rotolans 2500Technical Data

Working diameter 300 mm (11,8”)
Max. diameter 340 mm (13,4”)
Max. water pressure 2500 bar (36250 psi)
Max. water flow 60 l/min (16 gpm)
Revolution speed hydraulic 0-1950 rpm
Max. hydraulic pressure 80 bar (1100 psi)
Max. hydraulic flow 16 l/min (4.2 gpm)
HP connection 9/16 UNF left Autoclave