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Total Control System

Latest State of the Art for Hydrodemolition

HVD-6000 Diesel Drive and HVE-6000 Electric Drive

Total Control System

Total Control System

Total Control System

The Design Advantages

  • Individual hydraulically adjustable track width
  • Electric motor or diesel engine
  • Efficient cutting head with EDS feature
  • Adjustable stroke of oscillation
  • Full working width of the power head
  • Versatile and compact design for operation
  • on almost any surface
  • Hydraulic 360º rotation and 90º tilt of the front
  • Hydraulic side shift of the power head
  • Additional operating height on request
  • Remote control box
  • Wireless radio control on request
  • Fully computer controlled
  • Track control system for controlled straight or
  • curved movement
  • Free programming for custom design
  • hydrodemolition
  • Hydraulic mast positioning for better reach
  • Hydraulic mast tilt for tower assembly
  • Steel mast in sections to fit every height
  • Full range of accessories
  • EMC tested and CE approved design

Total Control System

The System Advantages

  • No vibration
  • No rebar damage
  • Will clean between the rebars
  • Faster than mechanical removal methods
  • Selective removal system
  • Minimizes removal of good concrete
  • No additional structure damage
  • No micro or macro cracks
  • No dust pollution
  • No Crystalline Silica dust
  • No injury to operator caused byvibration or heavy lifting
  • Will clean the rebars
  • Superior bonding surface
  • Less Labour intensive

Total Control System
Total Control System




Length min.
Length max.
Total width
Min. width
Working width range
Width of track
Height min.
Operating height standard
Drive source

2480 mm (97.6")
2730 mm (107.5")
2000 mm (78.7")
1200 mm (47.25")   
0-2000 mm (0-78.7")
1030-1510 mm (40.5"-60")
1800 kg (4000 lb.)

1575 mm (62") 
6000 mm (19.7")
Electric motor

2480 mm
2730 mm  
2000 mm
1200 mm
0-2000 mm
1030-1510 mm
1900 kg (4200 lb.)
1575 mm
6000 mm
Diesel engine