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High Efficiency Nozzle System

Latest State of the Art for Hydrodemolition

Nozzle System


In our effort to constantly improve on our Hydrodemolition process AQUAJET SYSTEMS AB has developed a new nozzle system which delivers a cleaner, smoother and therefore stronger jet of water. The high level of nozzle efficiency is achieved by means of an inside surface smoothness of, or resistance factor, of less than 0.4 RA., as well as a geometric shape from where the water enters the nozzle to where it exits the nozzle. What this means to you, as the customer, is more nozzle power resulting in a savings in time, money, and effort.

This system can be used on all AQUAJET AQUACUTTER systems whether new or old. On an older lance it will be necessary to use a high efficiency nozzle holder in place of the standard nozzle holder. On a new system the lance (035.060) has been redesigned specifically for the high efficiency system. Simply insert the nozzle and screw on the wear cap. The wear cap secures the nozzle and protects it from flying debris as well as any surface contact. It is no longer necessary to use a hose coupling as the high pressure hose will fit directly to the lance. The greatest degree of efficiency will be achieved when using the redesigned lance.

Nozzle systemTechnical Data:

Item.                              Ordering no.
Wear Cap                        100.204
Support Ring                   100.203
O-Ring                            100.202
Ceramic Nozzle                100.2** = Orifice size
Lance                             035.060
Nozzle Holder                 100.201