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Robot Arm Attachment

Latest State of the Art for Hydrodemolition

Robot Arm

ROBOT ARM on Model HE-6000 can be adapted to any existing AQUA CUTTER robot.

The compact ROBOT ARM is designed as an accessory for the Aqua Cutter robots and is exceptional suitable for work in confined spaces and areas, small tunnels, bridge girders, water channels and other similar assignments.

The ROBOT ARM has two pivoting actuators and two hydraulically expansile arms for most outstanding reach and manoeuvrability. Those features enables the operator to fast and easy positioning of the power head in any direction.
All positioning is hydraulically manoeuvred from a safe distance on the remote controller, no manually adjustments or use of tools is required for positioning of the ROBOT ARM.

The standard power head can be replaced with different water jetting tools and any of the Aqua Cutter hydraulically driven Rotolances. The ROBOT ARM can be delivered on a robot as a unit or it can be delivered as an accessory to existing robots. The change between the standard manipulating front and
the ROBOT ARM is simple and easy to do, all hydraulically and electronic controls are connected to the integral control system on the robot.

The System Advantages

  • No vibration
  • No rebar damage
  • Will clean between the rebars
  • Faster than mechanical removal
  • Selective removal system
  • Minimizes removal of good concrete
  • No additional structure damage
  • No micro or macro cracks
  • No dust pollution
  • No injury to operator caused by
    vibration or heavy lifting
  • Will clean the rebars
  • Superior bonding surface
  • Substantial labour savings

The Design Advantages

  • Versatile and compact design
  • Fully versatile for operation on almost any
  • Two 360° rotating actuators
  • Two telescopic arms
  • Hydraulic extendable rotating arm
  • Hydraulic extendable base arm
  • Hydraulic base positioning for better reach
  • Steel construction for most stability
  • Will reach narrow and confined areas
  • Can operate narrow tunnels and pipes
  • New and more efficient cutting head
  • Hydraulic traversing of the power head
  • Full working width in power head
  • Full range of accessories
  • Can operate with different hydro tools
  • Can be equipped with rotating tool
  • CE and EMC certified design
  • Fully computer controlled

Technical Data

Width of power head                1500 mm (59”)
Working width range                0-1500 mm (0-59”)
Operating height on soffit         980 - 3000 mm (38.6” – 118”)

Robot Arm