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High-Pressure Plunger Pumps Z-Line

(up to 1500 bar, 21750 PSI)

High Pressure Plunger Pumps - Z Line

  • Reduced Pump wear with forced lubrication and cooling jacket.
  • Pump head with coaxially arranged valves and free of alternating stress.
  • Hydrostatically armored pressure sleeves.
  • Conversion set with hard metal or steel plungers and dynamic sealing system.
  • High volumetric efficiency and minimized 'dead volume'.
  • Minimal pressure fluctuation.
  • High service life of pump head components achieved by using superior materials.
  • Easy maintenance due to simple assembly and good access.


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Additional Equipment

  • Pressure Regulating Valve, Manually or Pneumatically Operated.
  • Full Lift Safety Valve or Rupture Disc
  • High Pressure Gauge

Fields of Application

Automotive and aviation industry
Beverage industry
Cement industry
Chemical industry
Construction and concrete industry
Engineering industry
Food industry


Glass, porcelaine, ceramic industry
Iron, steel and metal industry
Municipal services
Offshore industry
Power industry
Public transport
Pulp and paper industry
Ship building
Wood working industry