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Designed for Hydrodemolition


AQUA CUTTER POWER PACK—One container for the complete system

Easy handling and cost efficient in transport and set-up time.
Minimum space required at the site.
Robot and accessories are in the container for convenient transport and storage.





in a containerized designed for Hydrodemolition


23 feet Special design
Weight approx. 9000 kg (19,800 lbs)

Revo Control-system


With all the functions you need to control and monitor the Power Pack.



Accessories (included)

High pressure hose 19 mm (3/4”) I.D. 2x20M (65 ft)
Signal cable 24 V DC 2x25M (82 ft)
Set of standard tools.


Standard models:

Power Pack PP-550

Capacity, flow Q 228 I/min (60 gpm)
Working pressure max. P 1000 bar (14,500 psi)
Power input N 412 kW (550 HP)


Volvo (Standard) Others optional
Power 450 kW
Engine speed 1800 rpm

Power Pack PP-700
Capacity, flow Q 261 I/min (69 gpm)
Working pressure max. P 1000 bar (14,500 psi)
Power input N 473 kW (645 HP)


Volvo (Standard) Others optional
Power 515 kW
Engine speed 1800 rpm
Other flow and pressure rate by customers request

  • The diesel engine and the high pressure pump are connected by means of a flexible coupling and assembled complete on a heavy-duty welded steel frame. The base frame is installed in the container on vibration isolators.
  • A bag type water filter prevents dirt particles from entering the system and pump. A booster pump is mounted between the water tank and the high pressure pump to provide adequate inlet pressure.
  • The safety shut down system will automatically shut down the unit, or return it to low idle, in case of any malfunctions or safety alarms.
  • Remote Control system with pressure on/off switch and emergency stop. When the remote control is switched to off position the system will depressurize the pump and high pressure hose and reduce the engine rpm to low idle.
  • The container is sound insulated with a double door on the right side, double rear doors and hatches for the cooling air. The container can be equipped with a ”Roll off” frame, for easy on/off truck loading and transport.
  • Built in workbench with vice and storage room for spare parts. Movable heavy hooks for storing of HP-hoses and cables.
  • 24 volt electric system for lighting.
  • Built in 1000 ltr (264 gallon) fuel tank and 560 ltr (148 gallon) water tank.