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Designed for Hydrodemolition

Ecosilence High Pressure Unit

ECOSILENCE power pack is developed to meet with the demanding requirements of the global hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning markets and can be used for everything
from light scarifying to removal of deep concrete such as side beams. Its design will help contractors meet the increasingly stringent operational noise requirements that are imposed when working close to sensitive locations.

ECOSILENCE’s noise output is less than half that of conventional power packs. Its average 66.5db output represents a dramatic improvement in the noise levels that people will experience.

Use of ECOSILENCE also achieves a substantial reduction in fuel consumption. The efficient design means that it uses just 70 l/hr when producing a water output of for example 189 l/min at 1000 bar utilizing only 73% capacity, maximum output is 261 l/min @ 1000 bar.



23 feet Special design, unit weight
approx. 12800 kg

Type triplex plunger pump

Volvo Penta
Engine speed 1250—1800 rpm

Flow 180—261 I/min
Pressure 500—1000 bar
Other flow and pressure rate available by
customers request

Safety Shut Down system
Will monitor all operating parameters and
depressurize and/or shut down the system
in case of malfunction.
Oil pressure                        pump, engine
High temperature                pump, engine
Low inlet water pressure     pump
Low water volume              pump
Hose burst                          pump
Broken control cable           pump, engine

Accessories (included)
High pressure hose 19 mm I.D. 2x20M
Signal cable 24 V DC 2x25M
24 volt electric system for lighting.
Set of standard tools.

Radio remote control, safety class

Ecosilence Option

Facts by operation:

Water flow and pressure can be tailored by the operator to suit the application in hand. Some examples:

180 l/min @ 500 bar
Fuel consumption 40 l/h
Average 62.5 dB in 10 meter

185 l/min @ 1000 bar
Fuel consumption 70 l/h
Average 64.5 dB in 10 meter

232 l/min @ 800 bar
Fuel consumption 74 l/h
Average 64.5 dB in 10 meter

261 l/min @ 1000 bar
Fuel consumption 105 l/h
Average 67.4 dB in 10 meter

Aquajet´s engineers have addressed all aspects of power pack design and manufacture. Many engineering and design innovations have been combined, such as increased sound insulation, including the seals for all doors and hatches to block noise propagation. Wall construction has also been enhanced, with an acoustic surface treatment and soundabsorbing insulation to reduce noise and vibrations.

The power packs purpose-built steel enclosure features hydraulically-operated hatches for the engine compartment, enabling the operator to vent any excess hot air between operations. In addition to this there are numerous of other engineered and designed elements.

ECOSilence uses an advanced heat exchange system in place of traditional cooling and its exhaust silencer also incorporates new criteria, with every aspect rigorously considered. The system’s design features a new vibration dampener as well as pipes, hoses and tubing that have all been refined and improved in line with the new design approach.

The Power Pack also includes workshop with workbench, and accommodation for spare parts and accessories.
Movable hooks to hang HP-hoses, cables etc.