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Pipe And Sewer Cleaning

aquapower®  provides proven solutions for your pipe and sewer cleaning needs.
Contractors and Municipalities use the efficient, Woma engineered, pipe and sewer nozzles and high-pressure water hose feed systems for many applications.  Please contact us with your specific requirements; we assist you in finding the right solution for your application.

Product Samples:

Pipe And Sewer CleaningThe Problem
Sewers with very big diameters have to be cleaned normally at the invert only. Here is the point where the dirt starts to buildup in the sewer and here you will find the most of the sludge. Until today, cylindrical nozzle carrierheads, performing symmetrical jet patterns, were used. These nozzle carrierheads put in operation also clean surfaces or the sewer where it was not necessary and therfore wasted a lot of energy and money. Flat nozzle carriers, also called brick nozzles which were designed very heavy, should guide the jets directly towards, the sewer invert. But this was achieved just for a very short time because of hose twisting and sludge piling.

Problem Solution
The new cylindrical WOMA self alligning nozzle, type Skip-Jack, is constantly brought back into the original position. This and special angles of the jets, results into a maximum of cleaning efficiency and sludge and dirt transportation in the sewer invert. A joint built in the high pressure hose will guarantee that the nozzle will allign itself into the most efficient position at any operating pressure.


Pipe and Sewer CleaningSewer cleaning nozzle type Skip-Jack large

  • For sewer sizes from 400 mm upwards
  • Equipped with 7 flat jet nozzles form 5
  • P max. = 200 bar
  • Part no. 341.0068.6
  • Complete with swivel joint for optimal cleaning position
  • Length 605 mm
  • Diameter 155 mm
  • Weight 29 kg

Sewer cleaning nozzle type Skip-Jack small

  • For sewer sizes until 400 mm
  • Equipped with 5 flat jet nozzles form 5
  • P max. = 200 bar
  • Part no. 341.0068.5
  • Complete with swivel joint for optimal cleaning position
  • Length 500 mm
  • Diameter 140 mm
  • Weight 16.5 kg

WOMA is spezialized in the high pressure water jet technique.

For highest performance and lowest costs, rating of pressures and flows, the high pressure hose and the high pressure water tool have to be tuned to work together as a complete system. Please contact WOMA and use our experiences.

The Advantages

Pipe and Sewer CleaningWe have to devide between nozzles, guiding the high pressure water not just to the bottom of the sewer but also to the top, and those sewer cleaning nozzles, guiding the high pressure water jets to the bottom only. In comparison, those nozzles guiding the jets just to the bottom need much less energy and they also have the advantage to travel through the sewer without being interfered by tensile forces of the hose and uneveness of the sewer bottom and dirt buildup in the sewer.

The new WOMA nozzle, type Skip-Jack, gives you the following advantages. Using the same pump HP installation you will get a much faster and better cleaning of the sewer inverts or you will get the same efficiency and an immense decrease of your costs by using less pump power.

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Pipe And Sewer Cleaning