About Aquachem

Aquachem Corporation was established in 1978 for the distribution and sales of Portable Pressure Washers (Max 3000 PSI) and chemicals for the Industrial Cleaning Market, Plant Maintenance, Automotive Centers, Food Processing, and any application that used high pressure water, high pressure hot water and related chemicals. Thus the name “Aquachem”.

Within the first two years of operation the Company branched into larger custom designed and built stationary automated models as well as in plant central systems. This led to the brand name “Aquapower”.

A third line of water blast equipment 10000 – 40000 psi was then added to “cover all the bases” in the high pressure water industry.

Over the past thirty years Aquachem has supplied equipment to over 350 Canadian Tire Auto Centers, Hot Water Central Systems to Skydome, Million Dollar Automated Paint removal systems to General Motors and hundreds of other applications.

Aquachem remains a leader in the design and manufacture of custom high pressure washer, water blast and ultra high water blast equipment.