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High-Volume Plunger Pumps ARP® - Line
Up to 300 bar (4350 PSI) 1000 LPM, 260 GPM

ARP Line
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Specifications in PDF

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Suitable for the transport of water containing grained and fibrous solids of different size and shape For coarse impurities, a filter in the supply line is required.


All parts attacked by accelerated wear are very easy to access and can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Valve seats made from corrosion resistant steel consist of two precisely manufactured seat surfaces that can be used twice by reversing.


Permissible limits

  • Temperature: max. 45 °C
  • Solid concentration*: 1.5% to 3%
    * in mass percent, depends on the grain size
  • Grain size: 50 ìm to 350 ìm


Additional Equipment

  • Manual Regulator Valve

  • Full Lift Safety Relief Valve

  • High Pressure Gauge

Fields of Application


Automotive and aviation industry
Beverage industry
Cement industry
Chemical industry
Construction and concrete industry
Engineering industry
Food industry

Glass, porcelaine, ceramic industry
Iron, steel and metal industry
Municipal services
Offshore industry
Power industry
Public transport
Pulp and paper industry
Ship building
Wood working industry