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Water Blasting: General Information

We know that our customers insist on reliable equipment to succeed in their business and we customize our units to meet your very specific requirements.

We do not compete with the chain store type light duty equipment.


Equipment Samples:


Industries Served:

Bare Shaft Pumps

Bare-Shaft Pumps

Diesel or Electric Skid mounted Pumps up to 3000 bar, 43500PSI

Diesel or Electric Skid Mounted Pumps
(up to 3000 bar, 43500PSI)

  • Automotive OEM

  • Automotive parts manufacturing

  • Airports

  • Agriculture

  • Custom Painters

  • Construction & Concrete

  • Cement Plants

  • Chemical

  • Food Processing

  • Foundries

  • Glass & Ceramic

  • Meatpacking

  • Marine

  • Mining

  • Municipalities

  • Offshore Industries

  • Oilfields

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Restoration

  • Repair & Maintenance Facilities

  • Ship Building & Maintenance

  • Steel Mills

  • Transportation & Railways

  • Wood

Tube bundle & Heat exchanger cleaning systems

Tube Bundle &
Heat Exchanger
Cleaning Systems

Guns & nozzles

Guns & nozzles

Pipe and Sewer Cleaning

Pipe And Sewer Cleaning

Rotary Nozzles

Rotary Nozzles

HP Hoses


Floor and Wall Cleaning
  • Conveyor Chain Cleaners

  • Floor and Wall Cleaning Systems

Paint Removal

Paint removal


  • Central pressure water systems

  • Robot protection suits

  • Automated, robotized core-box cleaners

  • Spare parts & Service