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710V Evolution

Aqua jet Systems AS is a world leading company in design and manufacturing of versatile Hydrodemolition machines to selectively remove deteriorated concrete from sensitive areas and engineered structures.

Leading Hydrodemolition equipment company Aquajet Systems has launched the evolution control system for its Hydrodemolition robots giving a 20% improved removal rate. The new units features the state of the art on-board evolution Control System and the new Smart Lance Control system for maximum removal capabilities.

710V Evolution

Like other robots in the AQUA CUTTER range, the new evolution models are versatile machines that are ideal for working on bridges, tunnels, roads, walls, parking garages or overhead roofs. Working with a typically 1000 bar pressure and 250 1/min, the robot handles removal depths down to approximately 1000 mm of concrete if required.

Evolution Control System

710V EvolutionThe AQUA CUTTER evolution robots are equipped with the new evolution control system. This on board computer system together with the Equal Distance System (EDS) provides a 15 to 20 % increase in removal capacity.

Built to operate in touBuilt to operate in tough conditions, the system has been designed with the operator in focus and is easy to operate. The evolution has a pictural operator support and plain languages directly on the display.

The operator is able to receive immediate feedback on current production data, such as the actual removed area and capacity in m2/h.

The evolution control system continuously monitors all vital machine systems and functions. It also proves a warning if parameter settings are outside the machines capabilities.

Smart Lance Control

The new Smart Lance Control ensures more consistent quality of work, easily controlled by the operator. In the computerised Smart Lance System the operator feeds in only a few key parameters, such as work width, lance angle, lance speed, and depth. It also automatically adjusts a number of underlying parameters for optimum results, such as work pattern. The Smart Lance Control also compensates for fluctuating operational parameters caused by ambient temperature changes.

710V EvolutionEqual Distance System

The new AQUA CUTIER Evolution robots are equipped with the patented EDS, Equal Distance System. Regardless of the set lance attach angle, the system controls and maintains the nozzles distance from the concrete surface. Maintaining an optimum distance, EDS ensures that no power is lost due to the nozzle being too far from the surface.

Controlled from an electronic display on the machine, the lance attack angle can be set from -45° to +45° allowing for efficient removal of concrete under rebars.


The new robot features an expanded reach, to provide a more efficient working area and more precise removal in corners and along edges etc. This feature minimizes manual removal. The versatility of the new robot is further enhanced by the increased possibility to adjust the powerhead sideways.

The side-shift of the power head is 1 ,85m and the operational width can be increased from 2,45m up to 4m (optional) Total length of the unit varies between 2,65 and 2,85 m. Minimum height is 1 ,42m with a standard operating height of 7m This technical data is for AQUA CUTIER 710V (Other models are available)

Remote control

The robot features a new radio controlled remote system for increased safety and operator environment. The operator can move around the machine during operation and set-up, whilst maintaining control of the machine. There is also no cable to run over. For environments where radio control is not feasible, remote hardwiring control is also included.

710V Evolution