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Pipe And Sewer Cleaning

TubeMaster® 1000-20/S

max. 1000 bar operating pressure
20 metres HP-hose DN 12
3 metres guiding hose DN 50

Hose guide
The driving unit consisting of air motor, steplessly adjustable gear, coupling and rotating lead through which produces the rotating of the high pressure hose and therefore an efficient cleaning of pipes is achieved.

The hose feeding unit serves to feed the hose into the tube to be cleaned. A torque lock serves to the turning of the pressureless hose and a strain relief device is added to increase the operational safety.

TubeMaster® 1000-20/SThe guiding hose and the hose guide are included in the assembly group PN 001.0919.9. For safety reasons only the hose type DN12-HST4G-SR2 is to be used and thus the tube cleaning can only be done by using the following components: driving unit, hose feeding unit and hose with nozzle attached.

If there is no sufficient space between driving unit and pipe to be cleaned allowing the total length of the HP- hose to be laid out straight, the hose must be laid out as shown on drawing to avoid loops.

1.   Ball valve IG 3/8
2.   Serving unit for pressurized air
3.   Air motor
4.   Gear
5.   Driving unit cpl., weight approx. 66,5 kg
6.   Coupling
7.   Pressure connection (iM24x1.5)
8.   Rotating leadthrough
9.   Torque lock and strain relief device
10. Hose feeding unit, weight approx. 11,5 kg
11. Guiding hose DN 50, weight approx. 5 kg
12. High pressure hose DN 12, weight approx. 25,0 kg
13. Hose guide, weight approx. 10,0 kg
14. Nozzle connection ÜM24x1,5 24°DKO

Technical data


Operating pressure     

Flow capacity     

Rotating speed     

Air consumption     

Air pressure   

Total weight     

Prescribed high pressure hose


max. 1000 bar

max. 180 l/min

16 - 144 1/min

max. 65 m³ / h

max. 6 bar

approx. 122 kg